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Sena Mills Refineries Consolidated is a premier Sri Lankan edible oils & fats manufacturer with operations spanning both local & global spheres.

Established in the mid 1960s, the humble journey of Sena Mills began as a small-scale coconut oil mill. Over the next few decades the company progressed to become one of the largest and fastest growing coconut oil producers in the country under the guidance of the company’s founder, Mr. Baduge Karunasena.

The company then stepped into a new era of business under the leadership of the current executive director, after incorporating Sena Mills Refineries (Pvt) Ltd in 1997, which is equipped with the first continuous physical edible oil refining facility in Sri Lanka.

Thenceforth, the company expanded its scope from coconut oil milling to processes such as refining, fractionation and manufacturing of margarine for bakery/confectionary products.

With the addition of our retail chain to the group of companies in 2012, the company was able to distribute its products all over Sri Lanka, focusing mainly on wholesale operations.

Subsequently, a dedicated export office with a specialised team to export edible oils, fats and related products was established in 2014, capturing new international export markets.

Backed with many internationally recognised certifications for both its products and processes (FSSC, ISO, Organic, Kosher etc.), the company reached new heights in 2018 with exports reaching over 25 countries across 6 continents.

Today the company continues to grow and explore untapped markets to realise its mission of nourishing lives with quality food and happiness.


Exports reached a new milestone of shipping oil products to over 25 countries in 6 different continents.