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‘Goodbake Bread Compound’ is an excellent choice for all bread makers. Using this top-quality product as an ingredient in the bread making process, will give out a product with an incredibly soft texture together with an evenly distributed crumb structure. It also helps to retain the moisture level of baked bread, thereby extending the shelf life of the product.


‘Goodbake bun compound adds a touch of buttery flavour and extra softness to the texture of the products made out of it. The bun compound can be used as an ingredient to make superb quality buns, burgers, hotdogs, savoury rolls, and many more similar products.


White, smooth, and creamy ‘Goodbake creaming fat’ is the perfect ingredient to decorate cakes, and to be used as cream fillings for biscuits. It can also be used to manufacture ice cream and other confectionaries as it does not add any waxy aftertaste.


Goodbake Cake Margarine is specially manufactured with the quality of the cakes in mind. Using cake margarine as an ingredient will give a smooth batter and increase the cake volume. The milky butter flavour in the cake margarine will add more taste to the final product and will merge well with any other added flavours. Cake Margarine Can be used to make premium quality cakes, cookies, sponge rolls, buns, and other similar products.