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Virgin is the best coconut oil in the world, famous for its delicate aroma and taste. Good Oil’s virgin coconut oil is manufactured by a cold press method, that ensures the maximum retention of nutrients. Virgin oil is recommended for skin and hair, for cooking and to be used as salad dressings.


Good Oil’s RBD coconut oil is the perfect cooking oil for day-to-day household use. Its remarkably high smoke point makes it ideal for deep frying in high temperatures. The oil does not contain any characteristic smell or taste, thereby adding no foreign flavour to foods. RBD coconut oil is manufactured using zero chemicals, and the refining process ensures the removal of harmful fatty acids.


Coconut oil, rich with the characteristic coconut taste and aroma adds the natural nutty flavour to the curries and other meals made using it. Famous among Sri Lankans for its pure quality, Good Oil’s Coconut Oil is recommended for both deep and shallow frying, and to be used as an ingredient when preparing traditional meals.