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The Good Hands Initiative

Good hands aims to educate every Sri Lankan on planting and caring for a coconut tree, offering support from acquiring seeds to harvesting.

A simple act today can uplift the nation tomorrow.

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  • Fulfilling consumption needs in Sri Lanka
  • Earning Foreign Exchange of vital importance
  • The resurgence of growing coconut plants as the counter measure for the rapid dwindling of coconut harvest in Sri Lanka


  • Encouraging Sri Lankans to grow at least one coconut plant in a suitable location and educating them as to how to obtain coconut plants from a coconut
  • Disseminating relevant instructions and assisting the interested parties in growing coconut trees
  • To establish a strong foundation to encourage people to grow coconut plants through coordination of relevant Government Departments, coconut growers, and any other professionals in the field.

Empowering Communities through Corporate Social Responsibility

Coconut cultivation is a significant part of Sri Lankan culture. The Good Hands Initiative aims to raise awareness of the potential of planting one coconut tree per person. Each individual contributes by planting a coconut tree, which can fulfill one person's annual demand for coconuts

This initiative has the potential to produce 1.8 billion coconuts annually, contributing to food security and fostering economic development. By empowering individuals and communities to adopt sustainable practices. The initiative promotes sustainability, self-sufficiency, and economic prosperity, leading to more resilient and accomplished communities and a brighter future for Sri Lanka.

By promoting the cultivation of coconuts, the initiative helps ensure a reliable supply of high-quality coconut oil & coconut based products to meet the needs of international markets. A steady supply of coconut oil and coconut-based products to international markets will create customer confidence. Greater confidence in the Sri Lankan coconut industry will attract more business opportunities to the country's coconut products, increase export earnings, and promote sustainability, thereby generating greater foreign exchange.